"The new James Bond?": British bookmakers have told who the actors "come to change" Daniel Craig.

Currently, British bookmakers have already decided on the actor, who in the near future take the place of Daniel Craig as the new James Bond.
Entertainment Weekly notes that most bets made on the actor Damian Lewis, who played in the TV series "Homeland". He has overtaken in this race such serious opponents as Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, Henry Cavill and Michael Fassbender by some sources.
Back in December of last year, it became clear that Damien is one of the main applicants for the role of super-agent 007 in the 25th James Bond film. Internet society learned about this from the correspondence of Sony Pictures employees thatwas released after the cyber attack on the site studio.
It is known that the 24th James Bond films hooting going on now. There lease of it planned for the year 2015. This Bond movie role still takes Daniel Craig. Apart from him in the film also stars Monica Bellucci, L?aSeydoux and Dave Batista.
Unfortunately, the actor Daniel Craig was injured, during the filming of the James Bond film.