Imprisonment for skipping school in Texas are canceled

June 18 Governor of Texas Greg Abbott has signed a bill that would decriminalize malicious school absenteeism, says BuzzFeed.
The lower and upper houses of state Congress approved the bill on the decriminalization of absenteeism. It will enter into force on 1 September 2015.Only administrative punishment threatens to students for truancy in the new academic year.
Over the past three years in spent time in prison because of absenteeism nearly a thousand students in Texas. Some of them were in behind bars because of the accumulated fines for truancy and earned a big prison record. This is mainly African-American or Hispanic Americans from poor families. Children older than seventeen, and all found themselves at times hand in hand with the prisoners who committed robberies.
Until recently, Texas was one of the few states where school absenteeism relates to criminal rather than administrative law.