Stowaway fell from plane on the roof of the shop in the UK.

Man, which was flying from Johannesburg on a plane chassis, fell on the roof of a shop in London. The second traveler who apparently flew to the UK in the same way, end up was in the hospital.
These two men apparently got into the plane of British Airways in the capital of South Africa and have traveled the length of 6000 miles. However,only one of them was able to get to Heathrow Airport. He was found unconscious after landing, writes the Guardian. This incident commented in Scotland Yard, "On Thursday, 18 June, about 9:35 in the police received a report of a body found on the roof of a building in Richmond. The identity of the deceased is to be determined, and how long he lay on the roof is still unclear." Law enforcement officials said that the fall of man from the chassis bay is just one of the versions. Convincing evidence of this is still not found. The situation should be clarified by an autopsy. However, the fact that the route of an aircraft ran over Richmond, gives reason to believe that the victim fell from the aircraft.
The second stowaway, who, according to preliminary data, 24 years old, is in hospital in critical condition. At Heathrow airport law enforcement agencies reported that the identity of the victim is established, but this information is not yet confirmed, so it is about a man not reported.
Representatives of British Airways said that they are working with the British police and authorities in Johannesburg to establish all the circumstances of this incident. Are these two deaths connected to each other is still unknown.
The airline reported these cases to be very rare, but before something like this has happened in the UK. In September 2012 at west London found the man's body with signs of falling from height. The police suggested that a native of North Africa died from hypothermia, as the temperature in the chassis compartment significantly lowered in flight.
And in 2013, this event occurred in Russia. At the airport Vnukovo found the body of a young man, which seems to have no less than seven times flew between Russia and Italy. They found him in the landing gear bay of the Italian carrier I Fly, who flew to Moscow from Rimini.