How much money Britney Spears spends on her dog.

The fact that the stars do not spare money for absurd things not a secret to anyone.
Britney Spears recently gave an interview to the People magazine, in which she told how much her beauty costs for her and how much she earns per year.
Britney said that over the past year she earned about fourteen million dollars. Now its total fortune of 45 million dollars. However, compared to her colleagues Spears spends very little money.
Popular American edition reported that in one year on a daily wardrobe performer spends slightly more than 49 thousand dollars. In addition, on makeup and hairstyles - almost 20 thousand dollars.
However, expenses on own a pet is truly impressive. Spears is ready to spend huge amounts of money on her dog.
In one year, Britney spends almost 25 thousand dollars on her dog Princess Sarah Beth! Spears does not think to reduce this amount of expenses, because she wants her pet to have a lifestyle, appealing to the status of the star. This huge amount is spent on clothes for dogs, cosmetic procedures and various accessories.
Well, Princess Sarah Beth is a lucky dog to have an owner like this.